An immigrant song bookended by Street Fighter and Super Mario
In which we don't even get around to the farting contest
oh yeah, we have a substack!
Current games: Planescape: Torment, Stardew Valley, and as always, EarthBound
It's Cuckoo Clock over Don Quixote, 2 to 1Listen now (58 min) | Esteemed listeners, big news. Website tidyings-up and new mascots are on the way. Plus, by popular demand, t-shirt giveaways…
Back to Video Game AcademyListen now (55 min) | It's the Sunday afternoon of the year, and we're setting up plans for the coming semesters. That means a little Planescape…
The Hell's Kitchen Sink (Deus Ex 3)Listen now (58 min) | We throw it back to Shakespeare and Chesterton, eschewing the Holy Smokes and helping the Smuggler's friend make it back to the…
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